With Elementor you're capable of Saving, Importing and Exporting your template or part of your template (Section). As a result, you can share it with others, reuse it again or have a backup from your designed template.

Saving part of your template (section) in Elementor

To save an Elementor section:

1. Open your page in Elementor editor and simply right click on the section which you want to save as a template and click on Save as Template.
Give it a name and Save it.

Saving the whole template in Elementor

1. From the left Elementor panel and next to green Update (Publish) button, click on up arrow icon and select the Save as Template option.

2. Give your template a name and Save it.

Inserting the saved template into your layout

There is no difference between inserting a section and the whole layout template in Elementor. You can do both by following the steps below:

1. In Elementor widget area, click on Folder icon

2. In My Templates tab, select the template which you want to insert to your layout. As you can see there are different types of templates and you are allowed to insert whichever you want.
By clicking on Insert button the template will be added into your layout.

3. A message may appear on your screen telling you if you want to import the settings of your saved template into your layout. Generally if you import a whole template into your layout you probably should import its settings as well. But in other cases, you can make your own decision based on the situation.

Exporting an Elementor Template from your website

If you want to get a backup from your template or reuse your template in another website, you may have to export your template. To do that:
From the WordPress left menu, go to Templates > Saved Templates

Hover over the template you want to export and click on Export Template. That file will be saved in a json format and you can import it later in every WordPress website where the Elementor plugin is activated on.


Importing an Elementor Template into your website

To import an Elementor Template to your website follow the steps below:

1. From the WordPress left menu go to Templates > Saved Templates 

At the Top of the page, select Import Templates and upload the template file and click on Import Now. The imported template must be a json file which is exported by Elementor. (Please refer to Exporting an Elementor Template from your website section of this article for more information)

Once you import your template, you can use it into your layout (Please refer to Inserting the saved template into your layout section of this article).

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