The color of each content you add to the page you create with Elementor falls under the influence of your layout Default Colors. Giving an example, if you add a Heading element to your layout, the color of that Heading element will be defined by the default colors of the Elementor's Layout. As a result, if the color of Headings is green by default, then each Heading will turn into green after adding it to your Elementor layout. 

You have two ways to set default colors for your element in Elementor's layout:

  • Setting Default Colors Globally
  • Setting Default Colors for a Specific Section.

Setting Default Colors Globally

You can set default colors globally for your entire layout which means that for each section the color of added elements would be defined based on Layout Global Default Colors. In order to set default colors globally for your layout in Elementor follow the steps below.

To set default colors for the entire layout:

1. Add a new page or edit an existing one.

2. Click on Edit with Elementor button.

3. Click on the burger icon which exists on upper-left corner of Elementor's dashboard.

4. Click on the Default Colors button and choose your desired Color Palette. You can also select a predefined palette for your website so that every element you add to your layout will fall under the influence of the color palette which you defined. 

5. APPLY the changes.

Setting Default Colors for a Specific Section
If you set default colors for a specific section, the color of added elements would be defined by colors which you set for that section which results in having different default colors for every section of your layout.
For further information you can refer to this article.

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